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Over 2015-2016, Turf Projects ran a series of 20 free ‘Stones of Croydon’ outdoor drawing tours to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Croydon becoming a London Borough. Croydon Council had previously worked with Assemble to place a series of boulders in each of Croydon’s twenty 1964 original wards which we used as a starting point for each of our tours, with each session led by a different artist creative professional.

To celebrate this drawing tour series, Turf has produced a commemorative tea towel, featuring drawings made from the tours in each of the wards.

Printed on 100% cotton
Washable at 30-40°
Made in the UK

// // // The Stones teatowel is £7 in the gallery and a bargainous £6 at exhibition openings, so if you have a pop into Turf to get one you can get it cheaper! // // //